There are big things and small things. Rebuilding the patio was a big thing. I find big things really hard because you have to maintain focus for a long time.

It took ~3 months to do. Mostly because I’m quite unfit and I was working on my own. To be entirely fair, my kids did pitch in, which was all credit to them.

It started as a small job, I intended to pull out some of the loose mortar and re-grout the slabs. But if course I found a loose slab… and another one, and another. And on further investigation, I would struggle to re-lay just the loose slabs. Soon the job had expanded to lifting the whole patio and extending it a bunch. I discovered that the slabs were laid on 200mm (7-8in) of concrete over bare earth. There was enough of a gap between the concrete blobs for weeds to grow from proper soil. So I steeled myself for the big job, and did what any middle aged man would do: I duly purchased a reasonably priced jackhammer online and ordered a skip. My plan was simple really: dig it all out and start again.